• Working with a variety of high-profile, multi-national clients to define and deliver scalable enterprise solutions which maximise business value.
  • Technical lead in innovative ‘QuickStart’ programmes – a workshop-driven approach to the analysis and requirements capture needed for large-scale complex projects. The process takes the highly iterative, feedback driven philosophy of Agile software development and applies it to the initial stages of a project’s life cycle.
  • Working with cross discipline teams (both business and IT team members working together from day one) evolving a collective, shared understanding and possible solutions for business challenges.
  • Coaching and mentoring of our client’s in-house IT departments in agile and lean principles and practices.
  • Technical lead during the delivery phases using ‘Behaviour Driven Development’, combining a test driven approach with Domain Driven Design – increasing productivity and code quality, reducing overall cost of ownership.

Client – Online Stockbroker

I was the technical lead on the ‘QuickStart’ project inception for a new online trading platform aimed at day traders.

  • Running technical workshops and leading the high level estimation process.
  • Defining a potential solution to the high level architecture for the proposed solution to facilitate estimation.
  • Identifying integration points with existing back office systems.
  • Producing the project road map for delivery using agile methodology.
  • Running workshops for internal IT department on agile project life-cycle, TDD, and continuous integration.
  • Liaising with internal QA and operations to define a potential deployment/testing strategy.

Client – Global Investment Bank

I was part of a small team from ThoughtWorks partnered with Microsoft Professional Services to produce a mission critical, fixed income trading platform for a global investment bank.

  • Contracted to introduce agile planning and development into the delivery cycle and shorten the feedback loop.
  • Refactoring/re-engineering of a legacy in-house acceptance testing framework to reduce duplication and improve an inflexible design.
  • Extensive use of virtual environments and automation to improve the functional, deployment, resilience and performance testing procedures.


C#, VS2005, SQL Server 2005, Virtual Server 2005, CruiseControl.NET, NAnt, NUnit.

Client – Global Energy Supplier

  • Involved in the final stages of development and hand-over of a service oriented, distributed global oil supply tracking solution.
  • Mentoring off-shore agencies in the use of Agile techniques, and hand-over of the solution to the maintenance team.


C#, VS2005, SQL Server 2005, Neo, CruiseControl.NET, NAnt, NUnit.

Client – Online Publisher

I was the technical lead on the ‘QuickStart’ project inception for the replacement of the delivery platform for a popular online publisher.

  • Gathering requirements and defining potential architecture.
  • Leading workshops for the scoping and estimation phases of the project.