I have 23 Years experience as a professional developer, coding architect, tech lead and coach backed by 10 years as an engineer (in the physical world) and a passion for programming stretching back to 1981

Stanford PSM 1 MCAD

I care about

  • Building the right thing.
  • Building the thing right.
  • Screaming architecture.
  • Elegant, well crafted code
  • Lean and agile finely tuned to the situation.

I believe

  • Software development is a profession, keeping current is essential.
  • The best results come from an empowered, self organising team.
  • Pair programming and close collaboration are the best way to ensure quality.

I enjoy

  • Working as part of a talented, high performing team.
  • Finding solutions to difficult problems.
  • Trying to be better than I was yesterday

I am actively learning

  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science (R)
  • Elixir |> Phoenix |> Elm


Independent Consultant (Art of Software Limited)

BCG Digital Ventures

July 2019 to date

Working on the back-end API for the Beema insurance venture - the incubation of a per-kilometer car insurance startup including.

  • Greenfield development of all back-end functionality in Rails/PostgreSQL
  • Integration with Axa insurance API
  • Integration with Mastercard Payment Gateway Services.

Independent Consultant (Art of Software Limited)

Government Digital Service

Feb 2018 to July 2019

Working on the data informed content decisions team within GOV.UK. Using data to answer questions about the 500k+ documents on the government website. Most of the code for the site is open-source and can be viewed on github.

I’ve spent the last few months working mainly on the data warehouse - content data api and the front end app for it content-data-admin

The infastructure for GOV.UK is a micro-services architecture mainly in Ruby, backed by Postgres, MySql, MongoDB, Elasticsearch and RabbitMQ.

Independent Consultant (Art of Software Limited)

Energy Management Startup (as yet unnamed)

July 2017 - December 2017

Working in partnership with an energy industry expert to produce a self-service energy management solution aimed at very large energy consumers. The initial release is a real-time configurable energy management dashboard, with the focus on flex contract energy procurement. The technical stack chosen for this project is as follows:

  • Elm for user interface
  • Elixir for back-end code
  • RethinkDB and Postgres databases
  • Micro-services architecture

Independent Consultant (Art of Software Limited)

Client STC Energy Management

July 2016 - July 2017

Working as an independent agile coach to bring modern development practices and technologies to a struggling team.

  • Introduced Agile development practices and tooling.
  • Rebuild of the core bill validation engine using a hybrid RESTful/reactive micro-services architecture
  • Introduction of agile business analysis
  • Microservices written in Ruby and Node.js

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Independent Consultant (Art of Software Limited)

Client Featurist Limited

May 2016 - July 2016

Working as a sub contractor for an independent consultancy for a broadband comparison site rewriting the email contact system using Google BiqQuery and MailChimp

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Markel International

2014 - 2016

Senior Software Developer, Team Lead

In-house tech lead working alongside ThoughtWorks in a cross functional agile/lean development team.

Our team was a highly creative and collborative environment. We were runners up in the Spark the Change award in 2014.

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Business Control Solutions

2006 - 2014

Senior Software Architect, Agile Advocate

I led the introduction of agile principles to the software division of the company. Although I remained a hands-on developer throughout my time at BCS, my role expanded into other areas as necessary.

The introduction of agile practices produced a remarkable improvement in software quality and the productivity of the entire software team.

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2005 - 2006

Consultant, Coach, Lead Developer

Recognised as an international leader in Agile software delivery and enablement, consultants are appointed after a rigorous selection process. Only 1 in 200 candidates are accepted.

During this time I worked alongside some of the pre-eminent thinkers in the software industry, and experienced agile processes in large-scale projects.

I worked as a consultant on a number of major projects for high profile clients, at all stages of the project lifecycle.

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Centaur Media Plc


Lead Developer

Centaur Media is a leading UK-based business information, events and media group

I led a team of 5 developers using Extreme Programming to deliver web presence for a number of the company’s divisions.

Further Details…

Freelance programmer — 1995 - 2003

I worked with a variety of commercial clients to produce a range of applications. These included:

  • Thomas Cook Tour Operations (formerly JMC Holidays): the design/development of the treasury system which tracks the company’s foreign exchange holdings. Contract extended twice to produce a transfer planning application for cost effective transfer of passengers between airport and holiday destinations.
  • Prohire: Development of a multi-site reservation system for the leading car rental software supplier.
  • Analystic Ltd: Working as an analyst/programmer for a small software house on various bespoke projects.
  • Mentor Computer Services: A staff time management system for McDonalds UK using Delphi and SQL Server 6.5.

A PDF version of my cv is available here