STC Energy

Independent Agile Coach/Tech Lead

The Company

STC Energy, part of Inspired Energy PLC, are a specialist energy management consultancy and a leading provider of bureau services in the UK.

The Problem

The systems used by the bureau team are antiquated client/server apps, with most business logic being in T-SQL stored procedures. Over the 20 year lifecycle of the software it has grown from a client/server monolith into 3 client/server monoliths.

The Solution

After an initial evaluation of the development process, the current software and discussions with senior management, the decision was made to extract some of the platform into micro services.

The remainder of the project was the development of the utility bill validation sub-system which calculates expected invoices from consumption data and compares with actual invoice data.

The tech stack chosen was as follows.

Ruby, Rails for the main portal and Sinatra for REST micro-services. RabbitMQ, Postgres, MongoDB Docker (swarm mode) for deployment

A hybrid RESTful/reactive micro-services architecture was used.